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1. What is the eligibility criteria for obtaining a Dealership if Cellestial E-Mobility Tractors?

Cellestial E-Mobility works on a “Hub-and-Spoke Model” with a single Distributor per state that is linked to a minimum of 10 Dealers in that state. Each Dealership is given an operational radius of 50 km from their place of business. To qualify for a confirmed Dealership, a prospective Dealer is required to take a minimum inventory of 10 Tractors from Cellestial by paying an advance of Rs. 50,000 (Rupees Fifty Thousand) per Tractor. In other words, in order to confirm their Dealership, a prospective Dealer is required to pay an advance of Rs. 500,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs) along with a Purchase Order (P.O.) for 10 Tractors. The advance amount paid shall be completely adjusted against the invoice of the Tractors. Cellestial takes no additional deposit or any other fees. The Dealer shall also be required to set up an E-Hut Experience Station to demonstrate the product and for charging facilities. There are no fixed requirements for the size of the E-Hut and is up to the Dealer’s discretion.

2. What are the specifications of the Electric Tractor?

The Electric Tractor has a 4.4 kW Electric Motor and a 7.2 kW Battery Pack. It has a maximum range of 75 km with an operational cost that is less than 1/20th of a conventional diesel Tractor a higher functionality. The Electric Tractor can produce very high instantaneous torque as proven by its 2.25-ton load-bearing capacity as opposed to a much lesser 1-ton maximum haulage of a 21 HP diesel Tractor. Kindly refer to our brochure for more information.

3. Which Diesel counterpart, in terms of Horsepower (HP), can Cellestial’s Electric Tractor be equated to?

Though our Tractor has been engineered and designed to go head-to-head with a 21HP Diesel Tractor, it currently surpasses it in terms of haulage and power by demonstrating performance closer to 25HP – 30HP.

4. Does the Company have plans of introducing products equivalent to a higher Horsepower range and if so, by when?

Yes, we are currently developing higher HP variants and the new prototypes shall be released by as early as March 2022, with deliveries commencing towards the end of 2022.

5. Does the Electric Tractor require to be registered with DTO before being driven on public roads?

Yes, DTO registration is required before our Tractors can be driven on public roads.

6. Does Cellestial have any tie-ups with Finance Providers or does it offer any financing options to customers?

No, we currently do not have any tie-ups with Finance Providers nor are we offering any financing options to Customers.

7. Does Cellestial have any tie-ups with Finance Providers or does it offer any financing options to Dealers?

No, we currently do not have any tie-ups with Finance Providers nor are we offering any financing options to Dealers.

8. Is there a minimum space/area requirement to open a Dealership?

Cellestial does not mandate a compulsory minimum area requirement to open a Dealership. However, we estimate that area of ½ acre to 4 acres would be ideal for demonstration, showcasing, warehousing, E-Hut, etc. There is also no restriction that the allocated space should be in urban areas.

9. What is the average investment required in setting up a Dealership?

We estimate that an average initial investment of Rs. 7 to 10 lakhs would be required to set up a Dealership.

10. How will customers charge their batteries? Do Dealerships play any role in this regard?

Customers can easily charge their batteries through their domestic power outlets using the included charger provided along with the Tractor. However, a Dealer does have the option of a second revenue generation model if he chooses to provide charged batteries on a rental basis to customers. In which case, the Dealer shall purchase additional Battery Packs from Cellestial based on requirement and scale.

11. What margins can a Dealer expect on each Tractor?

Dealer margins are fixed at 10% of the price of the Tractor. For the current variant, this translates to 10% of Rs. 5 lakhs.

12. Are there any farming accessories included with the purchase of the Tractor?

There are no farming accessories included with the Tractor. However, the Tractor is compatible with all conventional implements that are compatible with any 21 HP Diesel Tractors so the customer can either use existing implements or purchase additional ones from any store that sells parts and accessories for Diesel Tractors.

13. What is the expected timeline for the delivery of Tractors to customers?

Deliveries are expected to commence after March 2022. The exact timelines shall be provided closer to this period.

14. What area/jurisdiction rights does a Dealer have?

Every Dealer is given exclusivity over a 50 km radius from their place of business, to be serviced by none other than them. No other Dealership or outlet shall exist in this radius. After-sales services shall also be under the purview of the Dealer.

15. Will there be any service requirements for the Tractor?

There shall only be maintenance-related service requirements initially. The Dealer shall be the single point of contact with the customer and shall entirely represent the Company’s products in terms of Customer Relations. The Dealer shall communicate/coordinate with the Distributor to fulfil the Customer’s requirements.

16.How is Cellestial’s Electric Tractor in comparison to Sonalika’s Electric Tractor?

As there is no clear information provided in Sonalika’s brochures, we estimate that their Tractor is lower in Horsepower (at around 15 HP) than ours and is also estimated to be priced significantly higher.

17. Have all certifications been obtained from the respective concerned authorities for the Tractor?

The certification processes are currently underway and shall be completed shortly with the Tractor being fully certified before the end of 2021.

18. Can the Tractor work in Paddy fields during monsoon/wet seasons?

Yes, the Tractor has been designed to work in both wet and dry conditions.

19. What is the haulage capacity of the Tractor?

Though the Tractor was designed for an initial haulage capacity of 1.2 tons, it has been successfully tested to demonstrate a capacity of up to 2.3 tons.

20. How easy is it to swap batteries?

Our Battery Packs have been designed to make it extremely easy to swap them out. Customers can replace an empty battery with a fully charged one using just one hand and a few basic steps.

21. What colours does the Tractor come in?

Customers can choose from several different body colours including Red, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Please visit our website to see all available colours: https://www.cellestial.com/21-hp-Tractor/

22. What are the accessories included with the Tractor?

Our Tractors come with the following included accessories: • Battery Pack x 1 • Charger (for residential use) x 1 • Cable Connector (for charger) x 1 • AC Cord (for charger) x 1 • 3-Point Linkage (Hydraulic) x 1 Apart from these accessories, our Tractors come fully equipped to integrate with all conventional third-party implements that are compatible with regular conventional Diesel Tractors. We also offer the following range of optional extras that can be purchased additionally: • Roll-Bar with Fibre Hood • Canvas Cloth Hood with Accessories • Tow Hook

23. Does the Tractor battery have an IP67 rating?

The battery does not come with an IP67 rating, but will instead comply with AISO48 Standard (ICAT Certification).

24. What are the warranty periods for the Tractor and the battery?

Both the Tractor and the battery come with a 1-Year Company warranty.

25. What is the capacity of the motor in the Tractor?

The current variant comes with a 4.4 kW motor.

26. What is the procedure for fast charging? How does it work? How much does it cost? Where can it be done?

The battery through both industrial as well as domestic power lines. Industrial Fast-charging can be done using an industrial line, takes 1.5-2 hours and the costs are subject to government-regulated tariffs. Residential charging can be done through a residential line and should cost approximately Rs. 6/hour.

27. Will it impact the battery’s durability/life if it is fast-charged?

Yes, regular fast-charging will negatively impact the battery’s durability/life and also will be more expensive due to the commercial nature of the charging infrastructure, namely industrial power. Therefore, we recommend using the residential charger on a regular day-to-day basis and limiting the use of fast-charging to a need-basis.

28. Are there any test results on hydraulic applications and pressure handling capacity?

Yes, the Tractor has been ARAI certified and there are test results available.

29. Can the Tractor be charged using charging stations/wires provided with other electric Tractors/vehicles? Do the charging ports meet universal standards?

The Tractors cannot currently be charged using charging apparatus provided with other EVs as universal charging infrastructure is still in development. The Tractor can currently only be charged using the included charger provided with it. However, the residential charger provided will be fully certified to comply with ARAI/ICAT Standards.

30. Is it possible to charge the Tractor using solar panels that have been installed for household use? What are the voltage specifications of the power supply that are recommended?

Yes, a household solar setup can be used to charge our Tractors. The recommended power supply is 58V charging voltage at a minimum of 10A and a maximum of 100A is a suitable charging rate.

31. How many hours of battery life can be expected from the Tractor if using a Rotovator in farmlands?

With a Rotavator, on farmlands the Tractor can perform for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

32. How many hours of battery life can be expected from the Tractor if pulling a load of 2 tons in a trolley on dry land?

With a 2-ton trolley load on dry land, the Tractor can perform for approximately

33. How much does an extra battery cost?

We sell extra batteries for approximately 1.5 lakhs

34. How frequently does the Tractor need to be serviced and what are the service costs?

We are currently awaiting ARAI recommendations to arrive at a checklist and to determine service intervals.

Will Cellestial provide workshop components or can the Dealer procure them from third-party vendors? What is the expected manpower requirement in the workshop? Does Cellestial provide the required skill training to the workshop technicians and staff?

Some of the parts used in the Tractors are commonly available and may be procured from third-party vendors. Other parts that are more specialised shall be procured from Cellestial. The list of such parts and their details shall be provided. Training will be provided to the nominated workshop staff through the Distributor. Sophisticated service needs shall be initially delivered by Cellestial, and subsequently by the Distributor once skill-training of their staff is completed.

36. Are the registration process and the associated charges the same as that of Diesel Tractors?

Currently, the registration process and registration fees are the same for Electric Tractors as that of Diesel Tractors. However, we are presently working with the concerned government agencies for the EV Subsidy for the registration process to be extended to cover E-Tractors.

37. Does Cellestial plan on introducing any higher Horsepower variants to its catalogue?

Yes, we plan to introduce a range of high-torque E-Tractors and we are currently developing a second 40 HP prototype in addition to our current variant which is a 21 HP Tractor with 1.2-ton haulage. We expect to launch the new variant after March 2022.

38. Does Cellestial manufacture any other farming equipment such as Rotavators, Cultivators, Seed Drill, Trolley, etc.?

No, we are currently only focused on manufacturing state-of-the-art, ultra-efficient, cutting-edge electric Tractors.

39. What is the booking procedure to be followed? What is the token advance that is to be collected at the time of booking? What is the payment schedule for the balance amount?

The booking shall be taken by the Distributor upon collected 10% advance amount. The Distributors shall in turn place their orders with Cellestial by forwarding the advance amount.

40. What is the order delivery process? What are the pre-delivery instructions to the Distributor/Dealer?

The Distributor shall raise a Purchase Order to Cellestial. Cellestial shall then provide the Distributor with a Delivery Schedule. The Distributor shall provide the trucking for the Tractor to his facility along with Transit Insurance.

41. Can Distributors sell Tractors directly if no Dealers are available in specific areas? Can Cellestial directly appoint/remove Dealers without consulting the Distributors?

Yes, Distributors can directly sell Tractors where there is no Dealer authorised for a location. No, Cellestial will not remove/appoint Dealers without consulting with the concerned state Distributor.

42. Can there be multiple Dealers in one district (Taluk-wise)?

Yes, there can be multiple Dealers in a District. The only criterion for Dealership allocation is the range of separation of 50 km. Only a single Dealership can exist in a 50 km radius.

43. Can the Cellestial directly supply Tractors to the Dealers at the request of Distributors?

As the cost of trucking of the vehicle is to be borne by the Distributor, the Distributor may request Cellestial to directly supply a Tractor to the Dealer in the interest of time or cost, as and when they see fit. For scenarios where there is no Distributor for a state, Cellestial shall directly supply Tractors to the Dealer.

44. Who will bear the transportation charges?

All prices are ex-factory. Therefore, the transportation costs of vehicles from factory to Distributorship shall be borne by the Distributor, and the transportation cost from Distributor to the Dealer shall be borne by the Dealer.

45. Does Cellestial plan on advertising in Regional Newspapers or on TV Channels?

We are currently using other, more effective mediums/channels to advertise based on a carefully developed marketing strategy. We are also currently exploring several feasible options for vernacular media in order to reach a wider target audience.

46. Are there any new competitors in this segment other than Sonalika? Is there any strategy or plan in place to compete with existing brands?

A. There are no new competitors in the market to our knowledge. As for existing competitors, our price range and our cutting-edge battery technology give us a clear edge over our competition.

47. What are the exact specifications of the battery?

We are currently awaiting ARAI certification to share the exact details as per qualification and the exact specifications that shall be finalised for the production version.

48. Will there be any variation in the price of the Tractor once ARAI certification is received?

The exact price of the Tractor shall be finalised and communicated upon finalisation of battery and motor specification.

49. Does Cellestial have any tie-ups for Tractor insurance and transit insurance?

No, we currently do not have any tie-ups with any insurance providers, though we actively exploring these aspects.

50. How many Distributors does Cellestial currently have?

We have currently 3 Distributors for Karnataka, Bihar and Jharkhand.

51. What business growth opportunities is Cellestial working on for the near future?

In addition to our current 21 HP equivalent Tractor variant, we are in the process of developing 40 HP and 60 HP equivalent variants to be introduced by 2022. We are also targeting alternative industry segments and business models such as Ground Support Equipment at Airports for which we are testing our product for the viability of replacing the existing equipment as a tarmac Tractor and the established Farm Rental market in India by establishing a Tractor rental network much like Uber and Ola. We are also looking at servicing the European market in addition to the Indian market by developing partnerships with international companies to develop higher capacity Tractors to cater to foreign markets.

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